Missed Jared and Genevieve Padalecki on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’? Watch it Now!

Jared and Genevieve appeared on last night’s newest episode of Celebrity Family Feud, airing on ABC. The show, which was filmed a few months ago, featured the Padaleckis with a few of their close friends; Charlie Capen, Michelle Henning, and Anson Gordon.

The team battled comedian Pete Holmes’ and his family and the winner received $25,000 towards the charity of their choice. The Padalecki team was playing for OutYouth, an organization that supports LGBTQIA+ youth in Austin, an organization that the Padaleckis are passionate about and have championed for years.

ABC now has the episode available in full on their website. Jared also announced after the episode aired that 100% of the profits of his AKF merchandise during the month of August will benefit Pete Holmes’ charity of choice, Homeboy Industries.