Venice Introduces Day Visitor Tax In 2024

Venice City Council approved a plan to start charging a fee on specific busy dates in 2024 for those who don’t stay in the city overnight.

The fee is just 5 euros and will be collected on 30 days next year around the busy Spring and Summer weekends when they wish to see fewer visitors. There are other taxes and fees that those staying overnight pay as part of their hotel bill.

The issue is that it is still unclear what dates you need to have a ticket to visit Venice and if a limited number of tickets will be sold. I doubt that a 5 euro charge will deter anyone coming.

How will Venice police that day visitors have this ticket? Are they going to have a tourist “police” inspecting all incoming tourists to ensure they have paid the fee if required, and how is this even feasible?

It has been estimated that 75% of the tourists visiting Venice don’t stay there overnight and only contribute 20% of the overall tourism spend. It is evident that overnight tourists spend significantly more considering the accommodation and F&B costs in the city.

Venice Mayor’s Announcement:

Google Translate:

The City Council approved, by majority, the “Regulations for the establishment and regulation of the access contribution, with or without a carrier, to the ancient city of the Municipality of Venice and the other smaller islands of the lagoon”.

The provision establishes the guidelines for the introduction of a new tourist flow management system, with the definition of general principles, exclusions, exemptions, controls and sanctions, through a multi-channel and multilingual platform which will be made available shortly. The objective is to discourage daily tourism in certain periods, in line with the delicacy and uniqueness of the City. The experimentation for 2024 will last approximately 30 days, which will be defined by the Council with a specific calendar in the coming weeks. Generally speaking, it will focus on spring long weekends and summer weekends.

Who will have to pay the access fee?

Specifically, it has been established that the access fee must be paid by every natural person over the age of 14 who accesses the ancient city of the Municipality of Venice, unless they fall within the categories of exclusions and exemptions. Generally speaking, the contribution will be requested from daily visitors.

Who will be excluded from paying?

In accordance with the law, residents of the Municipality of Venice, workers (employed or self-employed), including commuters, students of any grade and level of schools and universities located in the ancient city or in the islands will not have to pay the access fee. minors, subjects and members of the families of those who appear to have paid the IMU in the Municipality of Venice.

Who will be exempt from paying?

Those who stay in accommodation facilities located within the municipal territory (overnight tourists), residents in the Veneto Region, children up to 14 years of age, those in need of care, those who participate in sports competitions, police forces on duty, spouse, partner, relatives or similar up to the 3rd degree of residents in the areas in which the Access Contribution is valid, and a further series of exemptions provided for in the Regulation, including high school students on a trip.


Venice is a magical place outside of the hours when the day tourists flock to the city. Early morning hours and late afternoon is the best time.

The city is also a place that you should visit slowly and not try to rush to the few spots to take the same photos as everyone else.

I spend a long weekend in Venice yearly, visit the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Palazzo Grassi, and the Biennale, and wander for countless hours.